Meet our 5 newest Adora Kids!

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I’m sure you know by now that we have been on the search for 5 new Adora Kid Ambassadors! With over 3,000 ADORAble entries, we have finally narrowed it down to our final 5! Without further ado, please meet our 5 newest Adora Kids!        

NEW Zippity Hug “N” Hides – Meet and Greet

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  Say hello to our NEW Zippity Hug “N” Hides!     Our Zippity Hug “N” Hide’s are super cuddly because of their ultra-soft microfiber plush, but they have cool features too! Their magical magnetic hands lets them put their hands together or hold hands with their Zippity friends. Plus a super secret pocket that […]

Dolls for Boys – Yay or Nay?

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“Boys don’t play with dolls.”     If you’re a millennial mom like me who grew up with a brother, I’ll bet a hundred dollars in Monopoly play money that you heard this phrase at some point during your childhood. It was a different time back then, when playing with dolls (plus play kitchens and all things […]

Autism Awareness Day – Meet Kenzie

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  Meet Kenzie. She is 3 years old, loves swinging on swings, playing games on her tablet and loving her Adora dolls. Oh, and she has autism. That doesn’t mean she is any less amazing, but that she just does things a little differently. In honor of Autism Awareness Day, we want to share Kenzie’s […]

Looking for 5 Adora Kid Ambassadors! Enter NOW!

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  Who will be our Adora Kid Ambassadors? We are looking for 5 ADORAble kids who love to laugh, smile and play! Winners will be selected to receive a $100 Adora Gift Card, plus one lucky ambassador will be invited to take part in our photoshoot and receive tickets to Disneyland!   Follow these 3 […]

All NEW! Gender Neutral Play Accessories

/ By Blogger Emily

It’s a new world we live in, and when it comes to their children’s toys, parents shouldn’t feel constrained by gender boundaries. Gender specific toys can limit a child’s creative outlet.  And we certainly don’t want to do that! Implementing a more gender-neutral approach to the toys a child plays with can have a great […]