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A Good Giggle Bundle

  • GiggleTime Girl doll 
  • 4 in 1 Play set 
  • Feeding Set 
  • FREE! Baby Blankie 
  • $120.96 value all for $100! 

“A Good Giggle” bundle guarantees hours of giggles and fun. This 15” baby will giggle when you hug her, she might even giggle at meal time. Children 2-7 years old love to feed, rock and carry their babies in the 4 in 1 Play Set! Best of all it ships for FREE anywhere in the USA. Nothing beats the sound of a baby's laugh! Send this good time and a giggle!

Doll – Our 15”GiggleTime Girl giggles when hugged and has a baby powder scent. Take her everywhere; she even comes with her own carrier.

Feeding Set – The 6 Piece set includes: fold up carrier, baby bib, baby bottle, section plate, spoon & fork. All accessories fit neatly in the pockets inside the fold up carrier for storage or to take on the go.

Play Set – Adora 4-in-1 Play set is a Baby Carrier Seat, Swing & High Chair perfect for the GiggleTime doll or any dolls up to 20 inches. No tools required!

BONUS! This bundle includes a FREE GIFT, a Fleece Baby Blankie to keep baby warm an encourage nurturing play.

Baby doll, carrier and bonus blankie are machine washable. Note, remove the giggle mechanism before washing. This is a perfect gift for ages 2+!

Machine Washable
A busy family life means a favorite doll is On-The-Go! We know a child’s favorite toy is always in tow and just like our children, our baby dolls need to be clean too! If noted with our machine washable icon, it means this Adora doll is 100% Machine Washable! Simply put them into a washing machine on gentle cycle, air dry flat and then they’re ready to play again!
Safety Tested
Every Adora product is designed and toy tested for various age grades. You can be assured our products are compliant with all current standards and regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In other words, our toys get an A+ every time and always pass with flying colors!
BPA Free
If it’s not good enough for the FDA then it's not good enough for Adora! The Food and Drug Administration banned the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles and children’s drinking cups…but we all know that toys end up in children’s mouths as well! So, we’ve taken a proactive stance and banned it from ALL of our plastic toys.
You can rest easy because we are free of the bad stuff! All Adora products meet the CPSIA guideline and ban on Phthalates (pronounced "thah-lates"). Phthalates were most often, but not always, used to make plastic toys softer and/or more pliable.
Adora toys are less likely to cause an allergic reaction! Why? Our products contain fewer allergens, substances and particles that irritate allergy sufferers and cause them to have a reaction. So, kiss those allergy symptoms Goodbye!
Award Winning
We know winning isn’t everything but it sure is nice to be recognized! You don’t have to take our word for it because Adora has been recognized by numerous Toy Industry Award Organizations with accolades such as: Best Creative Fun, Preferred Choice, Best Classic Toy... just to name a few.
Made with Love
From snuggly soft toys to cute lovable dolls, Adora toys are designed in our sunny California playroom and Made with Love! They are full of ADORAbility and irresistible cuteness. All the things that make Adora…well, Adora!

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