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My First Adora Baby Tee

  • Size: 15"
  • Ultra-soft, squeezable bodies
  • Magnetic pacifier sticks to the mouth for realistic play
  • Sits comfortably with weighted bean bottom
  • Removable clothing & pacifier
  • 100% Machine Washable
  • Ages 1 and up

My First Adora's are the perfect 1st baby doll for little ones to love and hold. These snuggly 15" cloth dolls have ultra-soft squeezable bodies that are perfect for hugging, toting, kissing and everything in between! My First Adora Baby Tee is wearing a pink t-shirt with "My 1st Doll" on the front and cute polka dot cloth diapers. Her removable clothing and magic magnetic pacifier that sticks to her mouth encourages little ones to nurture and role play with their babies, just like they see their parents do! Best of all, My First Adora's are 100% Machine Washable! Ages 1 and up.


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