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Our Kid Ambassadors

5 years old
Payton first started as an Adora Ambassador at the tender age of 1! Today she is an active 5 year old and we’ve loved seeing her grow and play with the various Adora dolls through the years.

7 years old
Haley just turned 7; she is the big sister to Adora Ambassador Payton. Haley is thoughtful, gentle and fun loving. She has been an Ambassador since she was 3 and it has been a delight seeing her grow.
6 Years old
Kennedy is a spirited Adora Ambassador who loves to dance, sing and play dress up. She is not shy in front of the camera and is always the first to make a goofyface. Her creative spirit also loves drawing and painting.
6 years old
Lylah is 6 years old, we can always count on her genuine smile and her endearing love of dolls. She confesses, “I want to be a doll”! When she ’s not playing dolls she loves dance, soccer, and art. Lylah is always happy to see her Adora Ambassador friends.
7 years old
Brooklyn became an Adora Ambassador when she was 3 years old. Her captivating eyes stole our hearts! Brooklyn has been ice skating since she was 4! At 7 she still plays with dolls but now she plays school and reads to them!
4 months old
Baby Blake is our youngest Ambassador at only 4 months old. We are looking forward to seeing her grow and playing with all the Adora dolls for years to come. She is a toddling 1 year old and likes pushing her Adora baby in a stroller.
6 months old
Baby Michelle is a happy baby so taking her picture was a breeze. At 6 months old she loves animals, sparkly things and music. This summer she did her first Adora photo shoot, she never cried, she patiently waited her turn cooing at everyone!
4 years old
Alexa became an Adora Ambassador when she was only 4 years old. She loves to dance and sing, and is always smiling which makes her photos easy-breezy. In addition to playing with her Adora dolls, Alexa loves to ride horses.

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